Software Development

Software Development

The market is changing at a rapid pace so does our business and for new changes come new challenges. Accenditore Software Company comes here to help out Business, Institutions, and Individuals to adapt. To managing your accounts, checking bills, keeping data or monitor your business you say it we have it. We have come here to fulfill the gap created by the sudden change in market practices be it new norms or GST.

If anyone is thinking about creating a process to fastrack his/her business feel free to ask our help. Our expert coders will make your dream come true.

For modern-day technology, support is a very important thing. As times go we do need small changes to software, we provide our clients free support for a certain time after that we take small charge. For any question or more details please contact us.

Ready Made Software

As a software company we do make various kind of software Ready Made Software is made for specific purposes for everyone. So these type of softwares are not customizable but comes in very cheap. We make this types of softwares in different segments for different purposes. Our company will provide service for these software for a certain time so that clients get a hassle free experience.

Customize Online Software

There are many businesses whose data are collected & stored daily or real time, so these type of software are online. We do provide customization as various business has different needs and process. Our technical team takes all necessary details for developing the software. In our company we are developing customized online software for years and have many satisfied clients. We do provide free support for a certain period of time.

Customize Offline Software

In case of Customize Offline Software the data is stored in a storage device connected to the selected device. It costs less than online version as there is no related cost of domain & hosting. It is like a one time investment. We do provide free support for a fixed period of time.

Stock Inventory and Billing Software

We assist our clients to increase their profits with minimum investment through our just-in-time inventory. Through our developed Stock inventory and billing software, our clients can handle the barcodes and POS while carefully track the materials. We assist them with easy accessibility with an effect on a single cloud-based platform. We are leading in cloud-based ERP solutions with the objective to equip our clients’ modern businesses with cost-effective advanced tools capable to achieve flexibility in business.

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